Nabü reimagines the way we give gifts: instead of toys that create clutter and waste, friends and family give gifts for summer camps, sports lessons, and therapies (to name a few!).

In this project, I participated as a freelance designer alongside Name Agency, who designed the corporate identity, landing page, and set of illustrations. My most active involvement was in conceiving the product from the initial idea, quickly engaging with stakeholders and the development team. We started with the first user flow proposals, defined various user roles, and designed initial wireframes to present ideas and interactions. Once the initial screens were approved, we focused on the interface design, aiming for a clear and friendly design that coexists with geometric shapes, vibrant colors, and an entire graphic universe that accompanies it.

It was a challenging project that was divided into several stages or epics:
Design of HomePage and Experiences, Set Experience, Friends & Family and then Dashboard for Companies, Partners, and Registered Users. All of them designed for desktop and mobile.

Name Team: 
Charlie Zinno, Design Director
Alejandro Freitez, Product Designer
Adriel Downie, Illustrations

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